VAT Recovery & Compliance

Foreign VAT recovery for international companies worldwide and optimisation of their local VAT deductions in France.

The companies making purchases from foreign suppliers or incurring expenses during their business travels and events in foreign countries may support foreign VAT on their invoices and bills. This foreign VAT can be claimed back, under certain conditions, from the Tax Authorities of the country of expense. The conditions and the procedure of the foreign VAT recovery being not always harmonised within Europe and even less outside, the outsourcing of the foreign VAT recovery through external VAT experts is often an optimal solution. This is positively reducing the time-consuming VAT reclaim process for the internal teams and accelerating the obtention of the VAT refunds. Some countries are also requiring the VAT reclaim being done by the local tax agents appointed by the claimant. A temporary VAT registration may be necessary outside the EU for obtaining the foreign VAT refund.

The ongoing VAT reforms in Europe may decrease the foreign VAT registration of businesses in the EU member states, excluding the possibility of the simplified VAT deduction in the periodical VAT returns. The Foreign VAT recovery through the 8th and the 13th EU Directives will heavily impact many VAT deregistered companies. Businesses having no VAT registration abroad have to file a separate VAT reclaim request in front of the Foreign Tax Authorities in each country of expense for getting back the supported VAT.

Our VAT Recovery Solutions

Having a high expertise in the foreign VAT recovery, our bilingual consulting team will take care of your VAT reclaim filing, in accordance with the country specific VAT rules and in respect of the local deadlines. Mandated as your VAT agent, BtoBnice will be in charge of all exchanges with the Foreign Tax authorities within the EU and handling all their information requests.  

Your VAT reclaim outside the EU is handled though our local partners.  But you still keep a single advisor who will be coordinating your VAT refunds worldwide.

  • Foreign VAT Recovery within the EU
  • Foreign VAT recovery outside the EU
  • VAT deduction in local VAT returns
  • Reclaim of VAT unduly charged by suppliers
  • Reclaim of VAT on importations
  • Temporary VAT registration for VAT reclaims

  • VAT registration
  • VAT compliance: VAT returns, Intrastat, ECSL, etc
  • OSS management for sellers & platforms
  • VAT advisory & analyses of your cross-border operations
  • Updates on changes in the VAT law
  • Customs: import into the EU & its fiscal consequences
  • Compliance check of your supplier invoices
  • VAT training sessions
  • Other taxes in France: local taxes, plastic tax, etc.

VAT Compliance & Advisory

Companies having cross-border operations may need getting VAT registered abroad. Due to the diversity of the VAT rules and obligations across Europe, the VAT compliance process is often outsourced to foreign VAT agents and advisory firms. Our consulting team will be happy to guide you through your future/ actual VAT obligations and the financial impact your new operational flows may have for your business. We are also taking care of your mandatory VAT related declarations and filings.

The VAT advisory and training can be a good intermediary solution as well for getting your internal teams familiar with the VAT system in the EU. We personalize the content of our training sessions and adapt it to your operational needs.

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