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Romanian VAT deduction : new e-invoicing requirements and penalties

e-invoicing Romania

Since January 2024, the Romanian tax payers must report their B2B invoices for local sales of goods and services to the tax administration ANAF.

The reporting was to be done electronically within 5 working days after the invoice issuance.

No penalties were applying to non-compliant companies during a grace period which has definitively expired on last May 31.

Both resident and non-resident companies registered for VAT in Romania are invited to declare without delay their sales invoices issued towards Romanian taxpayers between January and June 2024.

The B2C sales, as well as intracommunity supplies and exports remain out of scope of the e-invoicing.

Starting from July 1st, the invoices must be submitted to ANAF within 5 calendar days which can reduce significantly the processing time for tax payers.

Furthermore, only the electronic invoices issued through e-Factura platform will be accepted for tax purposes in Romania after July 1st. This means in practice that invoices in different formats will not enable VAT deductions in Romania.

Thus, the non-compliance with the e-invoicing requirements in Romania could have a heavy impact both on vendors and on buyers :

  • Penalties for incompliant sales invoices
  • Non-deductibility of VAT on incompliant purchase invoices

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