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French VAT 2021 : deduction deadline – 31/12/2023

A small reminder for companies VAT registered in France which intend to include in their local VAT return the omitted deductible VAT amount from their 2021 expenses.

In order to respect the two-years limitation period and to maintain your right to deduction, it is necessary to declare the omitted VAT from 2021 latest in your VAT return for November, due in December 2023.

It’s a good time to check the exhaustivity of the VAT deductions made so far by your company:

  1. Have you deducted the VAT from your employees’ expense reports? (T&E)

2. Was this deduction exhaustive?

3. Have you considered all categories of eligible expenses on your supplier invoices? (AP)

4. Have you taken into account the French import VAT which was not covered by the mandatory reverse charge in 2021 and which was hard to identify on transport invoices?

In anticipation of the approaching deadline for 2021, we will be happy to accompany your company in verifying & calculating your additional deductible VAT amount for 2021.

Please, feel free to call us under : +33 (0)4 85 62 01 08

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